Darul Mustafa Campus of Cradle School System (CSS) had a wonderful event of Annual School Day on 7th April 2019 in Host and Guest Banquet near Maskan, Karachi. Many respectful guests attended the ceremony including the parents of Darul Mustafa students. Performance on stage by students was amazing. Awards were presented to students, parents and teachers on different categories.

Mr. Muhammad Hanif, father of Asad Hanif student (5 yr old) from Darul Mustafa Campus got the award of Best Parent due to his consciousness for studies of his son.

After the ceremony the same father came to the school management for the long leave of his son without giving any genuine reason which was refused. Reason asked again on continuous insisting of his father.

Mr. Muhammad Hanif told that the mother of the Asad was travelled to his village two months ago and died there. The Asad will be kept uninformed by his father to maintain concentration of studies for the exam. His maternal aunt was calling after every few days as his mother.

This story shakes us all that what a brave heart the Asad’s father have. He is the Real Hero of the Real World. We are glad that best parent award was given to him even without knowing the incident.

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