Collaborations have significant importance in Welfare Organizations. Collaborations are formed due to difference in locations, expertise, capacities and funds. Trust between the two organizations is most important due transfer of donations. Below organizations are collaborating with CWO.

  1. Ummah Care Foundation (UCF) – UK

Ummah Care Foundation was the creation of Mr. Feraz Younas as a vehicle to serve those less fortunate initially.  The charity provides; water aid projects, a world orphanage programme and medical and educational assistance for refuges around the globe.  Ummah Care Foundation has one simple motto “Humanity is for all.”

UCF is collaborating with CWO in different projects like Hand Pumps, Waqf Qurbani & Meat Distribution, Construction Works in School, Student Courses & Uniforms etc.

  1. Humanity Care Relief (HCR) – UK

Humanity Care Relief is a UK based international relief and development charity established in 2015. It was created after working with various national and international charities for over 10 years. Inspired by the Islamic teachings of empathy, generosity and selflessness, the trust aims to alleviate poverty and suffering across the world.

UCF is collaborating with CWO in Hand Pump Project.

  1. Abraisham Welfare International – PAK

Abraisham’s tenet is serving mankind and whose purpose of establishment is social welfare. This movement was founded by Hafiz Muhammad Abid Nauman Shami Sahib in 2010.

Abraisham is collaborating with CWO in Waqf Qurbani & Meat Distribution, Hand Pump Project etc.

  1. Mankind Welfare Trust – UK

Mankind Welfare Trust is an economic and social development agency that operates as both non-profit as well as non-partisan, and works with multiple stakeholders and communities irrespective of their race, caste, faith or creed. Mankind Welfare Trust is a progressive and dynamic non-profit organization, leading the way in human development and poverty alleviation by implementing viable economic development, educational and capacity building programs in Pakistan. With presence also in the United Kingdom, Mankind Welfare Trust provides care and support services to the less privileged and vulnerable members of society. Mankind Welfare Trust is registered in the United Kingdom with The Charity Commission for England and Wales. (Registered Charity Number 1110408)

Mankind Welfare Trust is collaborating with CWO in Hand Pump Project.

  1. Shazad Yaseen Foundation (SYF) – UK

Shazad Yaseen Foundation (SYF) originated in the loving memory of dedicated charity worker Shazad Yaseen whom tragically passed away at the age of 32 in a fatal car accident whilst carrying out humanitarian work. In his short lifespan Shazad continuously served humanity. He was a successful graduate with a very healthy career progression, however he chose to leave that path in order to serve the needy.

Shazad Yaseen Foundation stemmed from a tribute memorial event in his hometown of Slough in January 2017. The evening resulted in obtaining several generous donations from the attendees in order to assist with fulfilling the charitable work that Shazad had begun venturing. We then decided to proceed with this Foundation to enable the donators to comprehend where their donations had been utilized.

Mankind Welfare Trust is collaborating with CWO in Hand Pump Project.

  1. Shama Foundation (Rising Youth) – PAK

Rising Youth, is an initiative to lighten the lives, aims to provide a proper way of living to the needy and under-privileged portion of society.

Rising Youth founded in 2012 has been an Event Management Company. Presided over by Mr.Shahzad Ahmed, Rising Youth has arranged a number of “Youth Loved” Events. Over the years, the management of the organization watched the increase in poverty and decline in social values. Thus, in 2014 it was decided that the company will open a sub-unit named “Shama Foundation” to voluntarily help the needy people in all means provided. The company welcomes co-ordinators to voluntarily work in the welfare from all educational institutions. To bring Smiles is what we are to do in the chaos of this time.

Shama Foundation is collaborating with CWO in Food Distribution, Ration Project etc.

  1. Dream Alive Foundation (DAF) – PAK

A group of undergraduate students who are voluntarily working together for Social welfare. We make sure that nobody sleeps hungry, no student abandon his/her education due to unaffordability & no parent get their daughter married with unfilled desires in their heart.

We take up cases and promise their completion after verifying them properly. We together will work for betterment of this society in our capacities.

DAF is collaborating with CWO in Student School Courses.

  1. Inheritors of Karachi (IOK) – PAK

IOK is the face of the Youth of Pakistan which has an aim to continue the work that Edhi left. Our aim is to revive the youth power in positive way.

“Inheritors Of Karachi” is the upcoming new youth organization, established in Sept, 2016 by the group of students under the leadership of Shahmeer Alam students of intermediate science. The organization which will be operating as NGO is being run by an executive committee and other members. The membership is opened for all students without any restriction of gender or culture.

IOK is collaborating with CWO in different projects like construction of rooms, clothes, blankets, Eid Gofts etc.

  1. Joy of a Gift – PAK

Joy of a Gift is collaborating with CWO in Student School Uniforms, Water Cooler etc.