Food is one of the basic needs of life for human which is unfortunately difficult for the underprivileged people in Pakistan. Continuous increasing in the international prices of food commodities has a significant impact on Pakistan’s poor people. About half of the country’s population lives in a condition of food insecurity. And many more are at risk.

Among many projects we are also focusing on free ration distribution to needy families. Currently we are providing less than 10 families but trying to reach at least 50 families in the year of 2019 with your support.

We are providing basic items in ration like Flour, Pulses, Rice, Oil, Powdered Milk, Sugar, Tea, Salt etc. There are two types of Ration Package depending upon the number of family members.

Donations for the two packages are as below

  1. 5 – 7 persons: Rs. 3,500/-
  2. 8 – 10 persons: Rs. 5,000/-

Support the basic necessity of life for your own society.

We Can Change Everything Together.

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