Effectuation Theory


  • CWO team members are from diversified professional background.
  • Human Resource: CWO started with only 9 members and now it has grown up to 15 members. (What NGO has gained with this increase??) Who they are? (abilities, skills and traits)What they know?? (education, training, expertise and experience) and Whom they know?? (social and professional networks)
  • Funds: Collection of funds was limited to members and their relatives.
  • Projects: Health and Education is the basic need of the society so CWO started projects with simply installing hand pumps and delivering trainings to the students.
  • Some resources which were available at initial stage (before registration), were utilized in installation of 40 water hand pumps.


  • Executive member’s personal and social life sacrifice.
  • Opportunity cost of executive members as all are dedicating time from their professional cost.
  • Failure to pay back educational loan by students.
  • If CWO can’t get trust of patients in generic medicine project than it can easily be discontinued.
  • Any students who will not be able to continue his studies, this problem don’t have any significant threat to organizations sustainability.


  • At initial stage when we deployed our representative on hand pump project at Thar, we faced fraudulent activities by him but we remain consistent to our objective by substituting them. CWO member personally bear the loss to maintain donors trust.
  • Initially strategy was of local community hand pumps in which we installed around 20 pumps so that maximum numbers can enjoy the facility. For such pumps no one was taking the ownership of pumps due to which we faced maintenance issues later. Based on this experience we changed our strategy by giving ownership of the pump to the specific house.
  • Some students mis-reported their household information to get the scholarship, which was discovered during random visits for verification. Later we re-assessed the merit of those students.


  • Partnerships with other welfare organizations for sponsoring students on merit who are exceeding CWO budget limits.
  • CWO is planning for collaboration with educational institutes:
    • To arrange volunteers
    • For giving awareness to societal work
    • For vocational training platform
    • For Talent Hunt among CWO sponsored students for financial aid in Higher education
  • MOU with different corporate sector organizations for their CSR activities.

We Can Change Everything Together.

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