• CWO team members are young and energetic.
  • CWO team members belong to diversified educational background which
  • CWO team members mostly belong to middle class therefore they are in touch with lower middle and lower class. Due to which whole team is motivated for the welfare work. Therefore their need is identified and fulfilled as per their expectation.
  • Decision is taken with the consent of all executive members after comprehensive debate without any dispute. Friends team synergy.
  • Personal relationship in interior areas which assist us to locate the installation points of hand pumps.


  • CWO comprises of few team members against projects requirement.
  • Lack of financial and asset resources.
  • There are still no employees in CWO. And all CWO members are students or employed. Therefore very difficult to dedicate full time.


  • Tax exemption
  • Sindh Government PPP (Public Private Partnership)
  • Funds & Donations are categorized as Nafilah (Donation and charity) and Wajibah (Zakat) as per pure Islamic Shariah. (Therefore people will be more willing to donate due to availability of suitable platform).
  • Opportunity to expand overseas because we have friends in Saudi; UAE; USA and Canada.
  • Basic Health units in rural areas where no proper maternity hospitals available, will be a cause in reduction of mortality rate in women’s and children.
  • The suitable land has already been donated to CWO for basic health unit in Gujju, Sindh.
  • Generic medicines are quite economical as compared to branded medicines. Poor people can purchase cheaper generic medicines through CWO medical stores.

4.     THREAT

  • Political interference to influence the decision in selection of students for scholarship.
  • Drug mafia threat can be faced in the generic medicine project.
  • Crime promoters threat in juvenile prisoner project.
  • Some of the hand pumps were damaged due to flood in remote areas.

We Can Change Everything Together.

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