History & Background


Four existing members of CWO started welfare work on a small scale. Initially team collects money from friends and relatives and distributes to various welfare organizations. Ironically there were no transparency procedures found in these organizations to select needy people. Therefore team planned to dispense welfare on their own.

To materialize the idea team consisting of 10 members of diversified background was formed and registered a trust with the name of “CRADLE WELFARE ORGANIZATION (CWO)”. Cradle Welfare Organization aims to undertake community development and to promote the interest of poor and deserving by improving the provision of basic health and education facilities.

In our country donor always search for welfare platform that have transparent procedures for needy people. On other hand if we turn our attention towards lower class people, they are also looking for the welfare platform that cater their needs on consistent basis by maintaining their self-respect. Our business model is to bridge this gap by collecting money from donors and deliver to needy people with transparent procedure on consistent basis.

CWO made the strategy to work on two areas as depicted in our logo

  1. Health
  2. Education

CWO formally installed 40 hand pumps as its first project in health sector. Pumps were installed with the ownership, and this ownership is USP (Unique Selling Proposition)of CWO. Organization used to install hand pumps at common places without any ownership, which results these pumps remain in tatters after 6 months due to lack of maintenance.

In 2014 CWO expand its work towards education and started to confer scholarship in parallel with the hand pumps. Students are judged on six parameters for awarding of scholarship as stated below:

  • Salary (need)
  • Number of dependents (need)
  • Father deceased or alive (need)
  • House Rent/ownership (need)
  • Aptitude test (Meritorious)
  • Talent (Meritorious)

Members used matrix approach to blend need and meritorious basis; gave different weightage to above parameters depending on the probability of fake information. Information was gleaned in four steps (School recommendation, Test, Interviews and Random visits). Unlike other organizations that are conferring scholarship on a single factor, personally or aptitude test, CWO is awarding scholarship by the help of matrix with the strict policy that no blood relative of members will compete for scholarship.

CWO is also conducting free of cost monthly training for these selected students because its aim is not only dispensing money but also to groom students properly.

This is the beginning of the journey towards self-actualization which will continuously improve with time and experience based on trust of the people.

We Can Change Everything Together.

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