Vision,Mission & Policy


To work for human development and mark prosperous and healthy society.



We are totally committed to serve for the well-being of society by energetic team. With the highly trained professionals and latest methodologies, CWO deliver advanced and organized multi-dimensional knowledge and health facilities for the long term benefit of deprived persons without any discrimination. Our values, standards and determination keep maintaining our patrons and donors’ confidence in us that lead to optimistic and sound growth. CWO is committed to do all activities ethically and professionally by respecting the rights of employees and all other citizen.


  • No salary and perks to be drawn by executive members.
  • No benefit will be awarded to blood relatives of the member.
  • Utilization of own resources for transportation and communication by executive members.
  • 2/3rd majority required to pass a resolution.
  • Weekly/Biweekly Management Review Meeting and Quarterly Board Meeting.
  • Hierarchy Matrix: Horizontal Matrix

We Can Change Everything Together.

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