Thar and adjacent areas are facing scarcity of food and water after every few months. CWO comes up with this project idea considering problems being faced by people of Thar and other remote areas.

Hand pumps and project has been started since inception of Cradle Welfare Organization. It is one of successful project of the organization and we built proper monitoring system for pumps installation at outskirt of Sindh cities. Now we are installing two types of hand pumps big and small, water level below 50 ft. need big hand pump which has been installed specially in Thar Desert area, above 50 ft. We have installed small pump, like in Thatta, Gujjo and Talhaar etc.

In addition to the people of Pakistan, Hand Pumps are also donated by the well-wisher Public of UK, Kuwait and Bahrain for the people of Pakistan.

So far we have 1000+ hand pumps in following areas of Sindh,

  1. Gujjo
  2. Thatta
  3. Shadi Large
  4. Badin
  5. Thar
  6. Talhaar

After developing expertise in hand pump CWO is also constructing well in Thar area because it is most afflicted area in Sindh due to scarcity of drinkable water.

We Can Change Everything Together.

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