Training and development is a continuous process and CWO is conducting free of cost trainings for their students because its aim is not only education but also to groom students properly. This program is open house to other students also. Development and Grooming sessions are conducted to bring transformation impact in student’s career and their families.

Following are the brief list of trainings conducted by CWO.

  • Students Grooming Session
    By Mr. Qasim Ali Shah
  • Time Management (Especially for Student in Exams)
    By Mr. Obaid Bilgirami
  • Power of Consistency
    By Mr. Waseem Babar
  • Mind Sciences
    By Dr. Muhammad Ayub Khan
  • Stress Management Techniques
    By Mr. Obaid Bilgirami
  • Memory Building Techniques
    By Mr. Haris Mehmood
  • Study and Exams
    By Mr. Obaid Bilgirami
  • Self Esteem
    By Dr. Rizwan
  • Confidence Building & Presentation Skills
    By Mr. Saqeeb us Salam
  • Decision Making
    By Mr. Saqeeb us Salam and Mr. Razeen Ahmed
  • Career Counseling
    By Prof. Sagheer Muhammad

We Can Change Everything Together.

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